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China factory 3/8 PT flat face hydraulic steel quick coupling coupling electrical

Product Description


Product Description


The ZM -ISOASeries bring to the industry a proven design foruse on construction equipment, forestry equipment, agricultural machinery, oil tools, oil equipment steel mill machinery, and other demanding hydraulic applications.

6.3 ZM-1S0A-02SF 50 φ26 19 13 G1/4 NPT1/4
10 ZM-IS0A-03SF 57.1 φ31.5 22 16 G3/8 NPT3/8
12.5 ZM-IS0A-04SF 66 φ38.5 27 18 G1/2 NPT1/2
20 ZM-IS0A-06SF 82.5 φ48 34 20.5 G3/4 NPT3/4
25 ZM-1S0A-08SF 100 φ56 41 20.5 G1 NPT1


6.3 ZM-1S0A-02PF 38.5 11.8 15 19 13 G1/4 NPT1/4
10 ZM-IS0A-03PF 39 17.3 19 22 16 G3/8 NPT3/8
12.5 ZM-1S0A-04PF 44 20.5 29 27 18 G1/2 NPT1/2
20 2M-1S0A-06PF 55 29 29 34 20.5 G3/4 NPT3/4
25 ZM-1S0A-08PF 66 34.3 35 41 20.5 G1 NPT1

Coupling Fitting:

6.3 ZM-IS0A-02 74.2 φ26 19 19 G1/4 NPT1/4
10 ZM-IS0A-03 78.5 φ31.5 22 22 G3/8 NPT3/8
12.5 ZM-IS0A-04 88.2 φ38.5 27 27 G1/2 NPT1/2
20 ZM-IS0A-06 110.4 φ48 34 34 G3/4 NPT3/4
25 ZM-I S0A-08 132.9 φ56 41 41 G1 NPT1

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New valve design, it can resistance damage from high flow and the pressure of impulse that providing advanced performance.

·Poppet valves available to prevent uncoupled leakage.
·Poppet valves open automatically when coupled, within rated working pressure, to keep the flow expeditely.
·Critical parts are hardened for durability.
·Dependable ball-locking mechanism holds the mating halves together.
·Socket and plug are precision machined from CZPT bar stock.
·New Chrome plating treatment provides advanced anti-rust performance
·ZM-ISOAseries conforms to the standard of ISO7241-A.
·Compatible with PARKER6600 Series,FASTERANV Series,AEROQUIP5600 Series and CZPT HA 15000 Series

After-sales Service: Quality Service
Warranty: Three Months
Type: Coupling
Application: Machine
Certification: ISO9001: 2000
Condition: New
US$ 3.69/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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What Is a Coupling?

A coupling is a mechanical device that links two shafts together and transmits power. Its purpose is to join rotating equipment while permitting a small amount of misalignment or end movement. Couplings come in a variety of different types and are used in a variety of applications. They can be used in hydraulics, pneumatics, and many other industries.


Coupling is a term used to describe a relationship between different modules. When a module depends on another, it can have different types of coupling. Common coupling occurs when modules share certain overall constraints. When this type of coupling occurs, any changes to the common constraint will also affect the other modules. Common coupling has its advantages and disadvantages. It is difficult to maintain and provides less control over the modules than other types of coupling.
There are many types of coupling, including meshing tooth couplings, pin and bush couplings, and spline couplings. It is important to choose the right coupling type for your specific application to get maximum uptime and long-term reliability. Listed below are the differences between these coupling types.
Rigid couplings have no flexibility, and require good alignment of the shafts and support bearings. They are often used in applications where high torque is required, such as in push-pull machines. These couplings are also useful in applications where the shafts are firmly attached to one another.
Another type of coupling is the split muff coupling. This type is made of cast iron and has two threaded holes. The coupling halves are attached with bolts or studs.


The coupling function is an incredibly versatile mathematical tool that can be used in many different scientific domains. These applications range from physics and mathematics to biology, chemistry, cardio-respiratory physiology, climate science, and electrical engineering. The coupling function can also help to predict the transition from one state to another, as well as describing the functional contributions of subsystems in the system. In some cases, it can even be used to reveal the mechanisms that underlie the functionality of interactions.
The coupling selection process begins with considering the intended use of the coupling. The application parameters must be determined, as well as the operating conditions. For example, if the coupling is required to be used for power transmission, the design engineer should consider how easily the coupling can be installed and serviced. This step is vital because improper installation can result in a more severe misalignment than is specified. Additionally, the coupling must be inspected regularly to ensure that the design parameters remain consistent and that no detrimental factors develop.
Choosing the right coupling for your application is an important process, but it need not be difficult. To find the right coupling, you must consider the type of machine and environment, as well as the torque, rpm, and inertia of the system. By answering these questions, you will be able to select the best coupling for your specific application.


A coupling is a device that connects two rotating shafts to transfer torque and rotary motion. To achieve optimal performance, a coupling must be designed for the application requirements it serves. These requirements include service, environmental, and use parameters. Otherwise, it can prematurely fail, causing inconvenience and financial loss.
In order to prevent premature failure, couplings should be properly installed and maintained. A good practice is to refer to the specifications provided by the manufacturer. Moreover, it is important to perform periodic tests to evaluate the effectiveness of the coupling. The testing of couplings should be performed by qualified personnel.
China factory 3/8 PT flat face hydraulic steel quick coupling   coupling electricalChina factory 3/8 PT flat face hydraulic steel quick coupling   coupling electrical
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China Open and Close Type Hydraulic Quick Coupler Type Female Quick Coupling with Great quality

Item Description

ISO 7241 A Open And Close Variety Hydraulic Quick Coupler Sort Female quick coupling


Size Operating strain Movement Charge Burst Pressures
mm inch Mpa( CZPT ) I/min ( GPM ) MPa( CZPT ) MPa( CZPT ) MPa(PSI )
six.3 1/4″ 35(5000) 9(2.4) 160(2.4) 120(18000) 140(21000)
10 3/8″ 30(4500) 30(7.9) a hundred and sixty(7.9) 120(18000) 140(21000)
12.5 one/2″ 30(4500) seventy five(19.8) 130(19.8) 120(18000) 130(19500)
20 three/4″ 30(4500) a hundred and eighty(47.6) 120(forty seven.6) 120(18000) 120(18000)
twenty five one” 25(3625) 270(seventy one.4) a hundred(seventy one.4) 100(14500) 100(14500)
31.5 1 1/4″ 26(3625) 330(87.3) 100(87.3) 100(14500) 100(14500)
forty one 1/2″ 20(3000) 450(119) 80(119) 80(12000) 80(12000)
50 2″ 15(2250) 900(238) 60(9000) 60(9000) 60(9000)

 Part NO. Thread E F Part NO. Thread E F G
    (mm.) (mm.) (mm.)     (in.) (in.) (in.)
KZEB-02SF G1/4 forty seven. 22. 27. KZEB-N02SF NPT1/4 one. .eighty five .88 1.08
KZEB-03SF G3/8 fifty five. 27. 32. KZEB-N03SF NPT3/8 2.18 1.06 one.27
KZEB-04SF G1/2 70. 32. 39. KZEB-N04SF NPT1/two 2.75 1.twenty five 1.52
KZEB-22SF M22X1.5 70. 32. 39. KZEB-U34SF UNF3/4 two.75 1.25 one.fifty two
KZEB-06SF G3/four eighty five. 41. forty eight. KZEB-N06SF NPT3/four 3.36 one.sixty two 1.ninety
KZEB-08SF G1 104. forty eight. fifty four. KZEB-N08SF NPT1 4.eleven 1.88 two.fourteen
KZEB-10SF G1 1/four one hundred ten. fifty four. 69. KZEB-N10SF NPT1 1/4 4.33 two.twelve two.seventy one
KZEB-12SF G1 1/2 128. 60. 82. KZEB-N12SF NPT11/two 5.03 two.36 3.22
KZEB-16SF G2 153. 77. a hundred. KZEB-N16SF NPT 2 6.02 3.03 3.ninety three

Element NO. Thread E F G Element NO. Thread E F G
    (mm.) (mm.) (mm.)     (in.) (in.) (in.)
KZEB-02PF G1/four 32. 19. 22. KZEB-N02PF NPT1/four 1.27 .seventy five .87
KZEB-03PF G3/eight 37. 22. 26. KZEB-N03PF NPT3/8 1.forty seven .88 one.01
KZEB-04PF G1/two 46. 27. 31. KZEB-N04PF NPT1/2 1.82 one.06 1.23
KZEB-22PF M22X1.5 forty six. 27. 31. KZEB-U34PF UNF3/4 1.eighty two 1.06 one.23
KZEB-06PF G3/4 fifty eight. 35. forty. KZEB-N06PF NPT3/four two.29 1.38 one.fifty nine
KZEB-08PF G1 sixty six. 41. forty eight. KZEB-N08PF NPT1 2.fifty eight one.sixty two 1.88
KZEB-10PF G1 1/4 seventy five. 54. fifty nine. KZEB-N10PF NPT1 1/4 2.95 two.twelve two.32
KZEB-12PF G11/two 86. sixty. sixty eight. KZEB-N12PF NPT11/2 3.38 two.36 two.sixty seven
KZEB-16PF G2 100. 77. 84. KZEB-N16PF NPT2 three.93 three.03 three.thirty

Pre-sale support:

*We give presales in our very first cooperation, make clear your situation and give you some tips, you can making expense spending budget, production, planing, so that clients can make a reasonable strategy with less cost.
Stage 1st: Let us be sincere with every single other and make distinct the scenario of each consumer initial, then we can give very best advice, since we’re more than 20 several years knowledge in hydraulic elements.
Stage 2st: I will give the details to every single consumer for reference, which includes the dimension, efficiency, good quality and cost amount. 
Phase 3st: We can compare the products 1 by one particular, then verify the realistic items with ideal price tag.

In-sale services:
Stage 1st: After we receive the order listing, we will affirm the exact design and quantity 1 by a single, then area the order checklist to each and every manufacturing facility.
Stage 2st: We will tracking the production development and quality, check the specific design and amount 1 by 1 just before delivering. Due to the fact we are exporting agent for factories, so our major time is much more shorter, high quality tracking is more stringent.
And you can acquire the all hydraulic elements from our firm, due to the fact we are specialist in entire hydraulic components, not only for some items like factories.
Phase 3st: Most affordable sea freight expense and greatest services. We are cooperating with our forwarders more than 8 many years, so we can get ideal cost and provider for our each and every client.

After-sale support:
Soon after-sale services are most important in every organization, we will do the underneath factors in every single get:
Stage 1st: Tracking the shipment and tell the customer ahead of the Arrival Date.
Phase 2st: Verify the merchandise collectively with our consumers and monitoring the quality throughout the use condition.
Stage 3st: We will charge all questions if you acquire from me, simply because popularity is most essential in exporting enterprise.

Certification: GS, RoHS, ISO9001
Pressure: Medium Pressure
Work Temperature: Normal Temperature
Thread Type: Internal Thread
Installation: Flared Type
Material: Stainless Steel
US$ 50/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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